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Meeting Minutes <br /> City Commission <br /> Boynton Beach, Florida February 6, 2018 <br /> Vice Mayor Katz indicated nothing to disclose. <br /> Commissioner McCray met with Douglas MacDonald and Eugene Gerlica, also met with <br /> the new Waste Manager, Davidson Monestime. He would like to personally thank the <br /> Commission for their support of the Coalition of Clergy meeting. He recognizes the City <br /> of Boynton Beach has problems; the Commission should be concerned with what was <br /> happening in our City. He stated when the newspaper report about Boynton Beach they <br /> do not specify which district. Thanked the Police for stepping up in District 2. The <br /> citizens are appreciative. He also attended Freedom Shores Elementary School <br /> Literacy week. <br /> Commissioner Romulus attended Habitat for Humanity home dedication for the Antwan <br /> Family. Attended the AAUW luncheon and read at Freedom Shores Elementary School. <br /> Attended the National Haitian American Elected Officials Network annual conference <br /> held in North Miami Beach. She was inducted into the membership to serve as <br /> treasurer. She attended the Women's Circle 14th annual Circle of Hope Gala. This <br /> organization empowers and educates women to prepare them for the job market. <br /> Attended the community meeting led by the Coalition of Clergy. She was looking <br /> forward to continued dialog with the citizens and the Police Department. Also attended <br /> the Racial Equality training; led by the Palm Beach County School District. She was in <br /> attendance at the 500 Ocean grand opening. This past Sunday she attended the <br /> Chaplain Memorial dedication ceremony. Lastly she attended the Haitian Citizens <br /> academy led by the Palm Beach School district. <br /> Commissioner Casello met with Neil Schiller representing SkyBridge Capital, a bike <br /> share company. Had the opportunity to attend Freedom Shore Elementary literacy <br /> week. Lastly he attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at 500 Ocean and thanked Mr. <br /> Tom Hayden. <br /> Mayor Grant indicated on January 17th he spoke at the Leisureville New York Club. Met <br /> with the Leisureville representative's park management. On January 18 attended the <br /> opening of Casa Del Mar, also spoke with the representatives of SGR, the search <br /> company for the Police Chief. January 19th attended Habitat for Humanity CEO builds <br /> home dedication. January 23rd met with the Boca Chamber of Commerce, attended the <br /> County Commissioners meeting and spoke on behalf of the CRA to help fund the City of <br /> Boynton Beach Town Square project. On January 24th attended Freedom Shores <br /> Elementary school and read to the children; that afternoon attended the League of <br /> Cities meeting. January 25th went to the Community Investment Alliance with the CRA. <br /> On January 26th spoke with Spot in the Sky about SkyBridge Capital; they were <br /> speaking of electric bikes to make travel easier. Attended Habitat for Humanity Women <br /> build home dedication. January 27th worked with American for Immigrant Justice; this <br /> was a non-profit organization which gives legal advice to immigrants. He was interest in <br /> allowing this organization to have the ability use the City of Boynton Beach facilities. <br /> Attended the Deshi Winter Festival at Boynton Beach High School and the Boynton <br /> Beach Art District Art Walk. January 28-31 attended the Winter Trustee School <br />