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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida <br />Motion <br />December 19, 2017 <br />Commissioner McCray moved to approve as amended. Vice Mayor Katz seconded the <br />motion. <br />Vote <br />The motion unanimously passed. <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br />Commissioner Casello wished everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, a Happy <br />Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Indicated he met with Bradley Miller of Miller Land <br />Planning. <br />Commissioner Romelus noted she met with Bradley Miller, of Miller Land Planning. <br />Wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. <br />Mayor Grant wished everyone a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year. Attended <br />the screening of "On the Town" which aired on WXEL - South Florida PBS and WPBT2 <br />South Florida PBS Dec. 23 and Dec. 24; on WXEL at 5:30 p.m. and on WPBT2 at 7:30 <br />p.m. Mayor Grant attended the Finnish Centennial and the Business Development <br />Bureau "Arts means Business". Attended WGI breakfast, met with First Street <br />Foundation. Attended a ceremony at Cross Point and the Boynton Beach Chamber of <br />Commerce luncheon at Benvenuto Restaurant. Also attended the Public Works <br />luncheon and the PBA luncheon. On Dec 14, Mayor Grant attended the (TPA) <br />Transportation Planning Agency meeting, moving towards not just widening roads but <br />making it multi modal. Attended the NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness), Boynton <br />Intracoast Group luncheon, had a meeting with Hack Lab. Met with the Church of Latter <br />Day Saints. Attended the retirement of Chief Sergio Sandoval. He attempted to attend <br />the Quantum Board Property Owners Association meeting; he showed up at 7:10 pm <br />but the meeting was over. Stopped by the Boynton Beach High School to watch <br />basketball, but they were not there, but the soccer team was. On December 18 met with <br />Bradly Miller regarding Eden Ridge, lighting the Boynton Beach menorah in the mall for <br />the 23rd annual menorah lighting. Met with Jay Boggess, Principal at South Tech High <br />School. <br />Commissioner McCray met with Bradley Miller. Attended the ribbon cutting for The <br />Orchard store. Attended the Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Wished everyone Merry <br />Christmas and Happy Holiday. <br />Vice Mayor Katz met with Bradley Miller. Wished everyone a Happy Holiday. <br />2 <br />