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Meeting Minutes <br /> City Commission <br /> Boynton Beach, Florida January 16, 2018 <br /> Vote <br /> The motion unanimously passed. <br /> 2. OTHER <br /> A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br /> Commissioner Casello attended the Unity Day at Sara Sims Park. Indicated the turnout <br /> was very disappointing. Announced the purpose of these functions was to bring the <br /> Community together. <br /> Mayor Grant noted on January 4th he attended a new honorary employee event. <br /> Attended the Celebration of Unity at Sara Sims Park. January 9th went to Palm Beach <br /> County Days, met with Gunster Law Firm representatives and the Palm Beach County <br /> Economic Council. On January 10th had a meeting with Senator Rader, Senator Hutson <br /> and Senator Powell, met with Representative Berman, Representative Jacquet, <br /> Representative Hager and Representative Albritton. <br /> Mayor Grant stated there were three bills for the City of Boynton Beach. He continued, <br /> one is for Mangrove Park, second was regarding using the Everglades for the <br /> reclamation, and the fuel cell at the Water Treatment Facility. On December 12th <br /> attended the quarterly new hire orientation, and the Boynton Beach Chamber Gala. On <br /> December 17t attended the Mayors' Parade at the South Florida Fair Grounds, met <br /> with Representative Rick Roth. <br /> Commissioner McCray attended the Unity Day Celebration. Commissioner McCray <br /> updated the Commission as to the reason there was little turnout. There was a boycott <br /> of the event. They felt as through the City did not do what they thought the City should <br /> have done. He wanted to thank the Heart of Boynton Committee. He believes there <br /> should be one day of events instead of having several small events. <br /> Vice Mayor Katz met with Andre Park regarding the textile company, and spoke with a <br /> representative regarding ATS. <br /> Commissioner Romelus indicated she had a quick update. The Mangrove Water Quality <br /> and Park Improvement have been added to the Agricultural and Natural Resources <br /> appropriation subcommittee. Commissioner Romelus asked for a brief moment of silent, <br /> in remembrance of the nearly 5,000 lives lost in Haiti in 2010. <br /> 3. ANNOUNCEMENTS, COMMUNITY & SPECIAL EVENTS & PRESENTATIONS <br /> A. Proclaim the month of March 2018 as The City of Boynton Beach Firefighter <br /> Appreciation Month. Jeaneece Washington, Fundraising Coordinator for The <br /> Muscular Dystrophy Association will accept the proclamation. <br /> 2 <br />