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Meeting Minutes <br /> Special CRA and <br /> Regular City Commission <br /> Boynton Beach, Florida December 5, 2017 <br /> Vote <br /> The motion unanimously passed. <br /> Chair Grant indicated the first item was Old Business the first addendum to the <br /> interlocal agreement for the Town Square Project. <br /> Mike Simon, CRA Executive Director, stated the item before the CRA board was to <br /> approve the first addendum to the (ILA) interlocal agreement for the Town Square <br /> Project, which was approved in June 2017, for the use of CRA funding under last year <br /> fiscal budget of $2.1M. The item before the board was an addendum adding an <br /> additional $2.5M to go towards the Town Square Project. <br /> Tim Howard, Assistant City Manager, said the ILA (Interlocal Agreement) for the CRA <br /> agenda as well as the Commission agenda was included in the backup. He indicated <br /> this was the first amendment. This amends the existing ILA that was in place for $2.1 M, <br /> this will add funding of $2.5M, bringing the total not to exceed amount of $4.6M. The <br /> expiration of this ILA was September 2018. <br /> Motion <br /> Vice Chair Katz moved to approve. Seconded by Board Member Casello. <br /> Vote <br /> 4-1 (Board Member McCray dissenting) <br /> Board member McCray stated he was aware these funds were allocated towards the <br /> Town Square project. He was planning to vote no. He said these funds could be utilized <br /> elsewhere in the City. <br /> Board Member Casello stated a point of information; the Board was doing what was <br /> already approved. Mr. Howard indicated this was just the vehicle between the CRA and <br /> the City of Boynton Beach. <br /> Board Member McCray wanted to clarify, he was voting no. <br /> Motion <br /> Board Member McCray moved to adjourn. Vice Chair Katz seconded the motion. <br /> Vote <br /> Unanimously approved. <br /> 2 <br />