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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida <br />Adoption <br />Motion <br />Commissioner Romelus moved to approve as amended <br />seconded the motion. <br />Vote <br />The motion unanimously passed. <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br />Commissioner Casello had no disclosures. <br />October 17, 2017 <br />Commissioner McCray <br />Commissioner Romelus had met with individuals from a homebuilding company that uses <br />shipping containers to build homes. She wanted to increase affordable housing for <br />Boynton Beach residents and Palm Beach County as a whole. The firm is based in Miami. <br />She also met with Habitat for Humanity regarding lots they were interested in purchasing. <br />Mayor Grant met regarding the Bloomberg Philanthropie's Mayor's Challenge and <br />representatives from Hunters Run. He attended Literacy Luncheon and announced the <br />Read for the Record on Thursday. He noted Boynton Beach was a four -time champion <br />and he thanked staff in advance for their hard work reading to local children. He attended <br />an I Love Kickboxing Ribbon -Cutting Grand Opening and the premier movie from the <br />Movies in the Park series to see Descendents 11. He met with the Boynton Beach Garden <br />Club and advised the City and Garden Club are renovating a City Garden Park on <br />Seacrest and NW 6th Avenue. He attended a Police Award's ceremony and met with <br />County Commissioner Mack Bernard at the Mayors and Managers Conference. He <br />attended the League of Cities District II and III meeting and attended the King Tides <br />Cruise regarding sea level rise and how cities can help stay pollution. He met with local <br />bankers'at SunTrust, Iberia, Flagler and AmTrust banks and attended a Healthier Boynton <br />Beach meeting. On October 16th, he spoke with WLNR news about medical marijuana <br />and toured the Old High School. Earlier in the day he attended a legislative delegation <br />meeting at the Solid Waste Authority. . <br />Commissioner McCray announced he saw Mayor Grant on TV regarding medical <br />marijuana speaking with a doctor at a building off 1-95. He saw eight people there taking <br />pictures and did not know why. He also commented he was not contacted regarding <br />Read for the Record and would wait for someone to contact him. <br />Vice Mayor Katz had no disclosures or announcements. <br />2 <br />