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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida October 3, 2017 <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br />Commissioner Casello had no disclosures and recognized and sent prayers and <br />thoughts for those in Las Vegas. He also noted Mark Karageorge had taken ill over the <br />weekend and was in Bethesda Hospital. He noted Mr. Karageorge has been an <br />advocate for the City and he requested all keep him in their thoughts and prayers. <br />Commissioner Romelus agreed with Commissioner Casello's comments regarding Mr. <br />Karageorge and sent thoughts and prayers for him and for those in Las Vegas. She <br />disclosed she met with John Markey to discuss the Town Square and initiatives for <br />affordable housing. <br />Mayor Grant noted the Las Vegas shooting surpassed the Pulse shooting. He commented <br />that Tallahassee does not want cities to have gun regulations and he hoped it would be <br />a legislative item and the City would receive control over who can buy and sell guns within <br />the City limits. He proposed a limit on the amount of guns sold. He commented the City <br />entered the Bloomberg Philanthropic Mayor's Challenge and will compete against other <br />U.S. cities that entered. He announced first prize was $5 million, there are four (4) $1 <br />million awards, He advised he will bring additional information in the future. He spoke at <br />WXEL "On the Town" regarding Ocean Avenue and the new development. He noted the <br />City has started renovating the Old High School. On the 23rd he attended a few Hurricane <br />Irma supply drives and on the 24th he drove a truck full of supplies to Marathon with Artist <br />Rolando Barerro. He commented the supplies were appreciated and he thanked all who <br />donated. He spoke with the E21- development team, attended the United Way's Breakfast <br />of Champions, spoke with Freedom Shores 2nd and V grade students and attended St. <br />Joseph's new park dedication and today attended the Sailfish Cafe VIP Luncheon as <br />there is new management there and he invited all to the Library and to the Cafe. <br />Commissioner McCray met with the Town Square Development group, and received a <br />call regarding Mr. Karageorge being readmitted to the hospital this afternoon. He had no <br />disclosures and advised he attended the MPO meeting in Mayor Grant's place and it was <br />interesting. He encouraged the Commission to attend as the City is way ahead of the <br />County. <br />Vice Mayor Katz disclosed he met with John Markey regarding development in the Cortina <br />area. <br />Motion <br />Commissioner Casello moved to reconsider the agenda and add a discussion with a final <br />vote concerning the location of the Police Department. Vice Mayor Katz seconded the <br />motion. <br />2 <br />