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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida <br />2. OTHER <br />September 7, 2017 <br />A. PROPOSED RESOLUTION NO. R17-079 - Conduct a Public Hearing to <br />adopt the Final Assessment Resolution for the FY 2017-2018 Fire <br />Assessment. <br />Tim Howard Assistant City Manager stated in July the Commission increased to the <br />Fire assessment from $100 to $120. As in previous years a hardship waiver is available <br />for those who are unable to pay the assessment. This information will be translated to <br />Spanish and Creole. <br />Mayor Grant opened the floor for public comment. <br />Bob and Jennie Foot, 760 E Ocean Avenue, Apt #507, were present to speak in favor <br />of the tax. She understood that half of the money collected would be for staffing for the <br />Fire Station. She believed that every Fire Station should be fully staffed. Mr. Foot stated <br />that he had a stroke and he appreciates the rapid response that he received. Without <br />the quick response he would not be here today. Mrs. Foot indicated on the night her <br />husband had his stroke, she called 911, and almost immediately she heard the fire <br />engines coming to provide help. She understands that it could be a hardship for some, <br />but having the quick response saved her husband's life. <br />Steve Bendfelt, 15 Cedar Circle, noted he remembered when the assessment was <br />first adopted in 2001. This resolution was due to sunset in 2008. This assessment was <br />for building of the Fire Station on High Ridge Road. He appreciated the people who <br />spoke before; but the fees are continually going up. Mr. Bendfelt noted some of the <br />money was being earmarked for the pensions. He was speaking out against the <br />assessment. The money for pension should not come from the fire assessment; the City <br />should find the money from someplace else. <br />Susan Oyer, 140 SE 27 Way, indicated she was for the tax assessment. She believes <br />all should have some skin in the game. The City needs to move forward. Ms. Oyer <br />noted that the Fire Department does an outstanding job. She does not agree that the <br />money should be allocated towards the pension. Again she stated that everyone should <br />pay for the services that are used. <br />Elaine Campbell; Boynton Lakes North, lives on a fixed income. She indicated she <br />was not against the increase in the fire assessment; she was against it going to fund the <br />pension. The City needed to find another source to pay for the pension. <br />Mayor Grant asked for a motion. <br />Motion <br />Commissioner Casello moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Romelus. <br />2 <br />