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Special Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida <br />August 21, 2017 <br />Colin Groff Assistant City Manager indicated he was also acting as the Program <br />Manager for this project. He wanted to go through where they are on the project. He <br />indicated that the contractors would present their portions to the Commission. <br />Commissioner McCray asked if questions were allowed. Mr. Groff responded this was <br />an interactive workshop for the elected officials. Lori LaVerriere City Manager, asked for <br />introductions of the contractor. <br />Mr. Groff introduced Mark Hefferin with E2L Real Estate was in charge as the master <br />developer. Wayne Dunkelberger was the primary architect for the Town Square project, <br />Robert High was the contractor for the Police and Fire stations. The team consists of <br />the City of Boynton Beach, Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. E2L <br />Real Estate Solutions, ADG Architects, for the Police and Fire station, HG High <br />Constructor for the Police and Fire station, REG Architects and Rick Gonzalez for the <br />High School, Straticon was the High School contractors, Baker Barios Architects for City <br />Hall and all the infrastructure downtown, Haskell Construction was the contractors for <br />the infrastructure downtown. Kimley Horn was the primary engineers for all the projects <br />that were being built downtown, JKM Developers are the private developers for the <br />residential portion of the development. E21- are the developers for the commercial <br />portion of the project. There have been many meetings for this project. <br />Commissioner Romelus asked where and how long this meeting was advertised. She <br />stated that she received a few phone calls stating that this meeting was not advertised <br />as much as the other input meetings. <br />Mr. Groff stated that the meeting was advertised two weeks ago, The City used all the <br />same media outlets that were used for the input meetings. This meeting was put <br />together two weeks ago when it was determined that the Commission needed to do a <br />workshop and an update on the project. All the other media outlets were used. The only <br />items that were not used were the brochures. <br />Ms. LaVerriere stated that there was going to be more meetings with the Commission. <br />The City would do everything to get the information out to the public. <br />Commissioner McCray stated that there are four weeks in a month, and two <br />Commission meetings per month. This was an inconvenience to add all of these <br />meetings; these items should be included in the regular Commission meeting. <br />Ms. LaVerriere indicated that was the goal. <br />Mr. Groff agreed that these meetings should be scheduled at the regular Commission <br />meeting. The goal was a workshop for the elected officials. This workshop was to <br />update the Commission on the current status, Public Workshop Summary, and High <br />School <br />