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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, FI <br />2. Adoption <br />Motion <br />June 20, 2017 <br />Commissioner McCray moved to approve the agenda as amended. Vice Mayor Katz <br />seconded the motion. <br />Vote <br />The motion unanimously passed. <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br />Commissioner Romelus was happy to see the elected State representatives in <br />attendance. She attended a Citizenship party that was hosted by the Women's Circle of <br />Boynton Beach, attended the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council; regarding <br />some changes to the US 1 Corridor, attended Tech Trek camp hosted by AAUW <br />(American Association of University of Woman) for young women and STEM (Science <br />Technology Engineering Math). She attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at Yoga Fit <br />located at One Boynton. She wished everyone a Happy Father's Day. <br />Mayor Grant attended the reception for Cocoanut Dreams at the Boynton Beach Library <br />which showcased early 1900 pictures of Boynton Beach and the Ocean Ridge area. <br />June 8th he attended Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce Governance breakfast. <br />June 9th he attended Tivoli Lakes for the Fairchild Garden Million Orchid Project. He <br />was working to bring some orchids to Boynton Beach. June 12th Mayor Grant attended <br />the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) governance meeting. Currently the MPO <br />was looking to go independent versus being part of the County. He attended the Delka <br />of South Florida, to break the fast for Ramadan. He met with the Treasure Coast <br />Regional Planning Council regarding the US 1 study, addressed Realtor association at <br />Lennar Homes, attended a lunch and learn about RM Logitech. June 15th he attended <br />the Florida League of City Institute of Civic Leadership. June 16th he attended legislative <br />policy committee for land use and economic development. The Mayor stated that the <br />municipalities are under attack from certain State Legislators in Tallahassee. He <br />attended the CRA's School of Rock musical performance. June 17th he attended the <br />Palm Beach County Housing authority meeting; while there, he informed them that the <br />City of Boynton Beach was interested in development on property that Palm Beach <br />County Housing authority owns. He also provided an update on Ocean Breese East. <br />Lastly, he wished everyone a Happy Father's Day. <br />Commissioner McCray on June 13th he met with Palm Beach MPO regarding the US 1 <br />Corridor Study. He met with Dr. Debra Robinson of Palm Beach County School Board. <br />