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Special Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida June 12, 2017 <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Staff presentation on update of Town Square <br />Mr. Colin Groff, Assistant City Manager, explained the purpose of the presentation was to <br />review and approve a Resolution to amend the Town Square project. The City has gone. <br />through the Request for Qualification (RFQ) process. The development team has been <br />selected. Phase I of the contract is ready to be approved, and once approved, the City will <br />move into Phase I of the project. Once the Commission reviews and approves the Interlocal <br />Agreement (ILA) with the CRA for $2,100,000 for Phase I services for the Old High School and <br />Town Square, the City can move forward with the project. <br />Mr. Groff pointed out the Commission needed to approve a Resolution to appropriate <br />$4,365,423 to fund Phase I services of which $2,265,423 comes from the unappropriated fund <br />balance. The Commission also needs to review and approve a Resolution authorizing the <br />execution of the Phase I Services Agreement. Once approved, the City Commission will <br />recess; the CRA Board will convene, approve a Resolution, adjourn and the City Commission <br />will reconvene. <br />Mr. Groff continued that the project is a public private partnership designed to redevelop the <br />16.5 acres of land to be known as Town Square. As part of this project, the City, along with its <br />private partners will construct a new Police and Fire station off campus. The project includes a <br />New City Hall with all the associated parking, repurposing the Old High School and restoring it <br />to its former grandeur; and using it as the City's new Civic Center. The City will also create <br />open space, a park and play areas with associated parking. There .will also be private uses <br />including townhomes, apartments, a hotel and retail space. These areas will add the stimulus <br />for public development. <br />