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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Bovnton Beach. Florida <br />Vote <br />Unanimously passed. <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br />June 6. 2017 <br />Commissioner Casello attended the Veterans Memorial day service at the Memorial <br />Park, attended the Sara Sims Neighborhood gathering regarding the Sara Sims Park <br />Master Plan with Michael Simon, Director of Boynton Beach CRA. It was a very spirited <br />and informative meeting. <br />Commissioner Romelus attended the Institute of Municipal Elected Officials conference <br />in Tampa. She came back with a reaffirmation that Boynton Beach has the best staff in <br />the State of Florida. She explained when you put Boynton Beach up against others in <br />the State, by comparison we doing things by leaps and bounds. Commissioner Romelus <br />attended the Palm Beach County Housing Summit; it was a good opportunity to see <br />what others are doing. She indicated there needs to be a deeper level of commitment to <br />create workforce and affordable housing for our employees. Lastly; the Temporary <br />Protected Status renewal of 6 months was granted by the current administration, she <br />stated that this was not enough. <br />Commissioner McCray attended the Class of 2017 graduation at Boynton Beach High <br />School, attended the First Responders meeting at the Catholic Church; he wanted to <br />note that he was the only elected official at the meeting. He initiated a meeting with the <br />Heart of Boynton Beach HOA; there were some issues in District 2. Commissioner <br />McCray attended Sara Sims Park Master Plan and it was a very informative meeting. <br />He met with Dr. Debra Robinson, School Board member of Palm Beach County and <br />attended the City of Boynton Beach Budget input meeting. <br />Vice Mayor Katz advised he had nothing to disclose. <br />Mayor Grant said on May 17th he welcomed the Yorkshire Utilities Delegation from <br />England, gave a tour around our MIEX (Magnetic Ion Exchange) plant that is being <br />constructed. He also attended the League of Cities installation for Commissioner <br />Casello; as the Big City Representative. That evening he attended Bourbon Spall with <br />Kim Delaney with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Counsel. May 18th he went to <br />the MPO meeting, also spoke at the Falling Officers remembrance ceremony. May 19th, <br />attended the Cross Point's career day and attended the Technology Enterprise and <br />Development Gala, held at Benvenuto Restaurant. May 20th attended the roof rising for <br />Habitat for Humanity on SW 6th Avenue and was at the Graduation for Boynton Beach <br />High; that graduation class has the highest graduation rate in Boynton Beach High <br />School history. May 22nd attended the General employees' public pension meeting. May <br />23rd met with the Myers Group and visited Tech Runway which is FAU's business <br />E <br />