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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida April 18, 2017 <br />Vote <br />The motion unanimously passed. <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br />Vice Mayor Katz had no disclosures. <br />Commissioner McCray attended a wake for Tom Kaiser's wife, attended the Veteran <br />Ceremony at Veterans Park, and attended a service at Journey's Church on Easter. He <br />witnessed the dedication of two homes from Habitat for Humanity in District II and met <br />with representatives of the Shoppes of Boynton. <br />Commissioner Romelus attended the Easter Egg-Stravaganza with her family and <br />praised Recreation and Parks staff for a great event. She also attended the Firefighters <br />Chili Cook -off and Fishing Tournament. <br />Commissioner Casello attended the Veterans Celebration of the100th Anniversary of <br />WW I and the Boynton Beach Firefighters Chili Cook -off and Fishing Tournament. He <br />served as a judge noting the event proceeds benefit the Kiwanis Club. He gave a shout <br />out to Local 1891. <br />Mayor Grant attended a Chamber of Commerce event at Gulfstream Goodwill, a tree <br />planting at Intracoastal Park for Arbor Day, the 100th Anniversary of WW I on the 7th, <br />and toured the City with the new Economic Development Coordinator. Later on in the <br />day, he judged the Lawapoloza for the Gulfstream Boy Scouts. On April 8th, he <br />attended the "Play for Pink" golf event, and spoke at the Casa Costa's board meeting on <br />the 12th. On the 17th, he spoke with INCA regarding group homes. He attended the <br />Dedication of Habitat for Humanity homes on NW 10th and MLK Jr. Boulevard on the <br />18th, noting the Model Block Program, which was ' funded through Community <br />Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, looked good. He announced he received <br />correspondence from the U.S. Congress of Mayors indicating CDBG funds, of which the <br />City receives $500,000, may be eliminated. He will forward a copy of the <br />correspondence to staff in an attempt to keep the program intact. He was at Ocean <br />Ridge and noted the Ocean Avenue Bridge painting project was forthcoming and there <br />may be a lane closure starting next Monday. The bridge will be closed for 6, to 10 <br />evenings,. They will post signs advising of the closure and commented the project is <br />anticipated to last 120 days. The next Mayor's Town Hall meeting will be held May 1, <br />2017, at South Tech Academy Media Center, 1300 SW 30th Avenue. <br />3. ANNOUNCEMENTS, COMMUNITY & SPECIAL EVENTS & PRESENTATIONS <br />2 <br />