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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida <br />April 4, 2017 <br />Commissioner McCray acknowledged his opponents, Dr. Jim DeVoursney and <br />Reverend Hay. When he first entered the race and learned Reverend Hay had also <br />entered, individuals asked why he would run. Commissioner McCray explained he had <br />every right to run because the Charter advised he could sit out one term and run for <br />office again. Commissioner McCray thanked Reverend Hay and commented he made it <br />worthwhile to run. When he was told it would split votes, he prayed and trusted God. <br />The first race, he did not receive the 50% plus one and he had to have a runoff. He <br />thanked Dr. DeVoursney for running a good, clean race. Dr. DeVoursney made the <br />election important for all the citizens in Boynton. Commissioner McCray received phone <br />calls from Congressmen thanking him noting the run-off election had more voters going <br />to the polls than the first election. During the run-off, his mother passed. He was <br />uncertain of the future, but trusted God. He thanked the Coalition of Clergy for their <br />meetings, foresight and vision and for helping the City. He commented Black Votes <br />Matter and all votes matter, but this time, Black Votes did matter. He thanked his <br />supporters as they made a difference. He appreciated Commissioners Katz, Romelus <br />and Casello calling to congratulate him and he was gratified to be part of this team. <br />Individuals came on the scene and they hit the ground running. He thanked David Katz <br />for being his campaign manager and John McMahon for his support. He commented <br />Mr. Katz was given a bad rap, but he trusts him with his life. Reverend Hay always said <br />if you are not on the table, you are on the menu. He commented they are at the table, <br />they have the menu and they own the restaurant. <br />Selection of Vice Mayor <br />Mayor Grant explained there was a memo regarding the selection of the Vice Mayor. <br />Attorney Cherof explained the Charter has a provision that indicates that when selecting <br />the Vice Mayor, the Vice Mayor holds office to the next general election and whoever is <br />selected would serve for two years. <br />Commissioner Romelus asked if the City Commission could turn the position over in <br />2018 instead of 2019. Attorney Cherof explained if the City Commission approved and <br />the selected individual for Vice Mayor consented, the City Commission could fill the <br />position in a year. Mr. Katz thought the position should be relinquished in one year. <br />Vice Mayor McCray nominated Commissioner Romelus for Vice Mayor. <br />Motion <br />Commissioner Romelus appreciated the nomination, but declined, as she felt someone <br />else was more deserving. She nominated Commissioner Katz as Vice Mayor. It was <br />explained the City Commission would reserve the selection of the next Vice Mayor in <br />2018. Commissioner McCray seconded the nomination. <br />Commissioner Katz accepted the nomination and thanked Commissioner Romelus for <br />the honor. One year from now, he will share the title and relinquish it so each member <br />2 <br />