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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Boynton Beach, Florida March 6, 2017 <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br />Commissioner Katz disclosed he spoke with Bonnie Miskel regarding a potential Wawa <br />store in Boynton Beach and spoke with Andre Park, a legal representative regarding the <br />Olen Group associated with activities in the Quantum Park Overlay Dependent District <br />and representatives from Isram Realty regarding the Riverwalk development. <br />Vice Mayor McCray congratulated Chief Katz on his marriage. He attended the 6th <br />awards celebration for the Boynton Beach Wildcats event.. It was well attended and he <br />thanked Mr. Byrd for his dedication. <br />Mayor Grant announced he attended the City Age Conference on February 22nd and <br />23rd It was a good conference and attendees from around the country spoke about <br />issues affecting cities such as population growth, climate change, economics and he <br />met the Orlando Sustainable Coordinator who had great things to discuss which could <br />be heard at the next budget meeting. He spoke at the Lantana Rotary and the Junior <br />League Legislative Breakfast, attended the General Employees Public Pension which <br />did well earning a 12.6% return for 2016. He met with e -Development, and attended <br />Crosspointe Elementary School to read on Dr. Suess Day. He attended the CRA <br />Movies in the Park featuring Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and had a <br />surprise party, in honor of his birthday, for all that attended . He attended the <br />Community Caring Center 5K event, receiving a participation medal and he volunteered <br />to be in the dunk tank, raising over $100. He noted Human Resources has some good <br />throwers, but not so much the Fire Department. Earlier in the day he attended the <br />Spanish Bar Association Luncheon and met with a special agent and the State Attorney <br />on human trafficking. He clarified human trafficking is not only human smuggling, it is <br />exploitation which could encompass prostitution, labor or services that people are not <br />getting paid. He urged anyone with information of this nature to report it to the police. <br />Earlier today he had his Town Hall meeting which went very well. The next Town Hall <br />meeting will be April 3rd. <br />Commissioner Romelus attended the E. Boynton Wildcats 6th Annual Awards <br />ceremonies and thought it was great to see youth awarded for their efforts. She <br />attended the opening of the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches and was part of the festivities <br />for the Investiture of the 5th President of Palm Beach State College, Dr. Ava EI Parker <br />who has been officially inaugurated. She noted she had obtained a $1 million grant <br />which was given to the school and she is the first woman President there. She wished <br />Mayor Grant a happy birthday and announced she and Chair Grant will be traveling to <br />Tallahassee for Palm Beach County days. Session will be a little scary, and she urged <br />diligence and perseverance on important issues. <br />Commissioner Casello recognized a sign language interpreter present at the meeting <br />for the first time and he commended staff for providing the service and commended <br />2 <br />