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Meeting Minutes <br />City Commission <br />Bovnton Beach , Florida <br />Vote <br />The motion unanimously passed. <br />2. OTHER <br />A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br />February 21, 2017 <br />Commissioner Casello announced he was reelected, unopposed for another three-year <br />term. He met with a representative of BlackRock, John Markey, for the Cortina project <br />behind Target and Best Buy. He also met with the representatives of Wawa in City Hall <br />earlier in the day. <br />Vice Mayor McCray announced he is officially running for District II. He attended the <br />Finnish Consulate Luncheon and the Big Band event on Sunday at Boynton Beach High <br />School and had a great time. While attending the concert he received a call from <br />Channel 12 regarding a shooting on Saturday in District II. He told them to let the <br />Police do their job, and pray for the family. When he learned someone was arrested, he <br />made the same comment: they should thank the Police for doing their job and continue <br />to pray for the family. He thanked the Chief and his officers for a job well done <br />Commissioner Katz met with John Markey, from JKM Developers regarding properties <br />under development in the Renaissance Commons Boulevard area. He attended the <br />High Ridge Landing Ribbon -Cutting Ceremony and an AFL-CIO legislative update <br />breakfast on Saturday. He agreed the Boynton Beach Police Department apprehended <br />the shooter quickly and they were doing a great job. <br />Mayor Grant attended My Brother's Keeper program in West Palm Beach on February <br />8th and 9th; the Neighborhood Officer Program community event, and the Boynton <br />Beach High School play-off game. He attended a Heart of Boynton Association meeting, <br />and on the 10th attended a medical marijuana legalization discussion hosted by <br />Greenspoon Marder. He attended Magic Wheels and Special Deals regarding the <br />Barrier Free Park 5K, Run, Walk and Roll, coming in third place the next day at the <br />race. He attended the Boynton Beach Arts District, met with JKM Development <br />regarding Cortina and the dog park, met with Eden properties and ribbon cutting for the <br />YMCA. He attended the High Ridge Landing Grand Opening noting it is already 55% <br />full. He attended the Business Development Board Breakfast discussing sports arenas <br />and the new ball park of the Palm Beaches that opens on the 28th, the Equestrian <br />Center in Wellington and the Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting. He attended <br />another Habitat for Humanity ground breaking on the 17th: He spoke at the Finnish <br />American Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, attended Judge Bradley Harper's <br />Investiture ceremony and attended Music on the Rocks to see the band. He attended <br />the Finnish Gala celebrating their 100th year of freedom from Russia. He booked his trip <br />to Rauma, Finland, our Sister City, in June. He attended the 19th Kiwanis Car Show, the <br />Gold Coast Band and a gala for Equality Florida. <br />2 <br />