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Meeting Minutes <br /> City Commission Meeting <br /> Boynton Beach, Florida October 18, 2016 <br /> Mayor Grant requested approval for him to travel to Taiwan as New Business Item <br /> 12.C. <br /> 2. Adoption <br /> Motion <br /> Vice Mayor McCray moved to approve the agenda as amended. Commissioner <br /> Romelus seconded the motion <br /> Vote . <br /> The motion unanimously passed. <br /> 2. OTHER <br /> A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br /> Commissioner Katz had no informational announcements. <br /> Vice Mayor McCray held his comments to the next meeting to have an early meeting. <br /> Mayor Grant explained on October 5 he attended the National Day for the People's <br /> Republic of China. On the 10 special needs students from Christa McAuliffe Middle <br /> School came -to City Hall and received a tour. On the 11 he attended the swearing in <br /> ceremony for nine Boynton Beach Police Officers. On the 13 he attended Boynton <br /> Beach Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee; The Boynton Health <br /> Care Center Abruzzo's award ceremony for Champion for the Elderly; Chief Katz's <br /> Town Hall Meeting at Leisureville, and the Kiwanis Installation Gala. On the 14 he <br /> attended the 2 -1 -1 Help Line Gala. On the 15 he attended the Parks and Recreation <br /> Fall Festival. He attended the Afternoon Tea by Bethesda Health at the St. John RM <br /> Lee Center on the 16 and on the 17 attended the Historic Society and the INCA <br /> Board Meeting. <br /> Commissioner Romelus announced she attended the Florida Redevelopment <br /> Association meeting in Orlando and was glad she was able to attend. Some of the CRA <br /> Advisory Board members attended as well and she gave a shout out to her father who <br /> celebrated his 78 birthday. <br /> Commissioner Casello noted on the 19 he will attend the Coalition of Boynton West <br /> Residential Association Candidates' Day. Later in the day he will represent the City of <br /> Boynton Beach at the Sober Home Task Force meeting. He agreed to obtain business <br /> cards to hand out at the meetings and commented there is a TIP line to call when. <br /> something suspicious is occurring which goes straight to the State Attorney's Office. He <br /> commented the Community Caring Center is dear to his heart and he announced their <br /> 2 <br />