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MINUTES OF THE CITY COMMISSION BUDGET WORKSHOP <br />HELD ON JULY 18, 2017, AT 10:00 A.M., AT THE BOYNTON BEACH LIBRARY, <br />PROGRAM ROOM, 208 S. SEACREST BOULEVARD <br />BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA <br />PRESENT: <br />Steven B. Grant, Mayor <br />Justin Katz, Vice Mayor <br />Christina Romelus, Commissioner <br />Mack McCray, Commissioner <br />Joe Casello, Commissioner, (arrived 10.45 a.m.) <br />Chair Grant called the workshop to order at 10:08 a.m. <br />Lori LaVerriere, City Manager <br />James Cherof, City Attorney <br />Judith A. Pyle, City Clerk <br />Lori LaVerriere, City Manager, recapped the workshop held on July 17th and advised <br />the Commissioners reviewed the General Fund and the larger departments. She asked <br />if the Board was satisfied with what was presented. Mayor Grant thought the City <br />should market the Mae Volen service as he noted there was $100,000 budgeted. He <br />was aware it was a transport service provided to residents and residents were upset <br />about the Shopper Hopper. He thought more information about the Mae Volen Center, <br />what it is and how residents can use it, would be beneficial. <br />Wally Majors, Recreation and Parks Director, explained the Mae Volen Center provides <br />transportation to the Senior Center and other points of interest popular with the seniors <br />such as shopping centers. The bulk of the service is basically free to senior patrons that <br />participate in the Senior Center Food Program. If the patron contacts the Volen Center <br />the day before, they will provide free door to door service to the Senior Center and back <br />home. Any other route would cost $3 each way. It is very economical compared to <br />alternative transportation and the service has been ongoing for four to five years. The <br />City had a prior transportation service, but it was a lot more expensive due to staff and <br />maintenance expenses. He receives very positive feedback and the Volen Center has <br />been very reliable and responsive to the City's needs. <br />Commissioner McCray commented he visits the Senior Center every day and he hears <br />complaints about the Mae Volen buses not always being timely. <br />UTILITY FUND: <br />Colin Groff, Assistant City Manager, advised last year the City finished a five-year <br />series of rate increases, and none were proposed for the next five to 15 years; however, <br />it is important to ensure the treatment plants do not get to the point where the system is <br />unsustainable or have enough funds to operate. Clean water is important as is <br />sewerage. Staff will provide options in August. <br />