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Meeting Minutes <br /> City Commission <br /> Boynton Beach, Florida December 19,.2016 <br /> Commissioner Katz added New Business Item D, a brief comment regarding the <br /> Quantum Park Overlay Dependent District. <br /> Mayor Grant moved Item 3.C. Sister Cities, to Section 5 as Item B. <br /> 2. Adoption <br /> Motion <br /> Vice Mayor McCray moved to approve the agenda as amended. Commissioner Katz <br /> seconded the motion. <br /> Vote <br /> The motion unanimously passed. <br /> 2. OTHER <br /> A. Informational items by Members of the City Commission <br /> Commissioner Katz thanked the City Commission for adjusting the meeting schedule to <br /> hold the meeting on Monday. This week he attended the Boynton Beach Chamber of <br /> Commerce luncheon at Benvenuto's to see what local businesses have to offer. <br /> Vice Mayor McCray attended the Chamber of Commerce Christmas party and had no <br /> disclosures <br /> Mayor Grant discussed traffic cameras with ATS and they have new ideas for the <br /> cameras including an automated license plate reader and live feeds for the Police <br /> Department. He spoke at the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Ceremony, toured Public <br /> Works. and attended the Firefighters' Holiday Dinner. On the 8 th and 9 he attended <br /> the Florida League of Cities meeting in Orlando for the Growth Management and <br /> Legislative Policy Committee and they are focusing on CRAs and impact fees. He also <br /> attended the Boat Parade, the Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting on the 12 <br /> and the INCA ' Holiday Party. He met with Coach Eric Lowe on the 13 to discuss <br /> greater City and Boynton Beach Community High School involvement, the Palm Beach <br /> League of Cities Districts 2 and 3 Luncheon, and the Boynton Beach Chamber of <br /> Commerce holiday luncheon. He praised the Dimensional Harmony Choir. He <br /> attended the Quantum Park Overlay Development District Board of Director's meeting, <br /> the BIG Happy Hour and Freedom Boat Club opening. He attended a retirement party <br /> for Pat Sholos on the 16 attended Music on the Rocks, the Parks and Recreation <br /> Breakfast with Santa, and attended Tailor Made Men at the RM Lee Center. He <br /> attended the Saltwater Brewery third anniversary and Connect with Greatness, a new <br /> non - profit in the area, the Boynton Beach Arts District and the Green Market at the <br /> 2 <br />